Not alone.

I am so grateful for all my friends and all their offers of support. And Eva just keeps on being the most amazing caregiver. Nothing is too much trouble for her to do and I try not to abuse that.

But until somebody has gone through what you are going thru they can’t fully imagine what it is like. I have put off looking at any Internet information regarding my illness, it is my experience that only the whiners and nay sayers post so you get a very lopsided view on matters. is different. Here people share their experience and give tips as to how to make life a little more bearable. I found the pages that cover each postoperative day and what to expect were very useful. I was beginning to think I was the only one with earache, toothache and night drooling. But it’s common. The ear and tooth ache are referred pain from the throat wound and the drooling is because your body can’t bear to swallow even when you are asleep so saliva builds up in your mouth 🙂

It seems that I am approaching hump day and hopefully things will be getting better. I wish I had read this before the surgery. Eva did tell me that I should get a humidifier but I blew it off – sorry honey. Also,forcing yourself to wake every four hours and take medicine keeps you in a relatively pain free state. I would try and sleep as long as I could and then wake with the most awful pain in my throat. There are lots of tips. I have read this more than a few times that women having to go thru this would rather be birthin’ some baby. This is not the tonsillectomy of a seven year old.

In case you are interested here is a discussion of the issues I am having right now and yes I want lots of poor Leslie. XL

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Greg – thanks for checking Fankle out. After I read your various pages that detailed what to expect on certain days, I felt better! In fact I felt pretty good all day. I was afraid that I had complications and would need more surgery or something. Reassuring to find myself normal. Damn!

No Leslie, you are not alone. So glad you’ve found some comfort in the pages of my website. I hope you get that humidifier soon! Best of luck to you in your recovery.


Nice Blog!

Mrs. Hall

Poor, poor Leslie…. we will get you a humidifier today…..

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