Tastes like chicken – not!

Hard to believe that seven days ago I was just about to go into surgery. Would I have had surgery if I knew how painful it was going to be? Yes, sure, however you can’t understand how painful it is until you have it. If I was told a year or more from now that I had to have surgery again I would think about it a long, long time.

Today is the first day where I have woken up, and even though the pain is acute first thing in the morning, I really wanted to get up and get on with something. I had a pretty good night’s sleep. I bought a new Tempurpedic pillow as I find them very comfortable, but I wake up in the morning with it covered in drool! I know – it’s lovely. I’m hoping this is a temporary affair as I don’t sit around drooling, only when I’m asleep. And night sweats, still sweating a lot at night. And my blood pressure is scary high.

I have to say that my sleep apnea is much improved, as promised. There are a few noisy, phlegmy ticks I can hear that disappear when I use the CPAP machine. I have to get all my various cavities and channels healed so that I can get some good nasal irrigation going. I have a Netti pot with some saline solution mix that I am anxious to use as I hear it cures all kinds of allergy maladies. I tried it once and I was nonplussed – constant use is the answer supposedly.

The worst impact of the surgery, after the pain, is that I cannot smell or taste anything except the horrible syrup with the Ibuprofen or Vicodin. Don’t even taste that I just know it’s crap as it burns the areas where I had surgery. So not tasting or smelling food. This was meant to happen when I had radiation, not after surgery. Numerous nerves were cut during the operation, but they are meant to regenerate. I hope that is the case because, as you know, I love to eat nice food and smell goes hand in hand with taste.

Would I rather be alive and not have taste? Of course, but if I can’t drink and eating gives me no pleasure I am going to have to create a totally different lifestyle because that sounds pretty sucky to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful to be alive and on the road to recovery. I just feel unsure of what the future holds. I’m betting it will be awesome though in some way I could never imagine.


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Sage advice ladies and well received. I hope the nerves grow back.

I have only used the Neti once and was also amazed at how simply it worked without coughing or spluttering. Water in one nostril, pours out the other.

Mrs. Hall

I agree. As much as this experience sucks in every way, I think if you leave your mind open, you may find that there are some unexpected gifts you walk away with. The important thing to to be alive to make the choices you want.


Remember I severed three nerves to my pinky back in early February? My finger is about 99.9% healed just six months later. Only a very slight pins and needles feeling when I stop to think about it. Nerves regenerate at about half an inch per month, so you should be good in no time. Those electrical zaps you might feel are the little buggers at work. I felt like Zorak. I can also attest to the power of the neti pot. If only for the fascinating spectacle of stuff streaming out of your nose. Our bodies are amazing things, Les. Be patient, look after yourself, and it will repair itself. Sending good vibes your way.

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