Leaving Facebook

All my own fault really. Don’t have to engage with every jamoke out there. The number of times I’ve excoriated some #45er, only to discover it’s the original, Liberal, poster’s […]

The long slog

When we first discussed the course of treatment I was going to follow my surgeon warned me that for every week of radiation it was going to take a month […]

Loony Tunes

I haven’t been keeping up here as I have been in hospital, in bed or just couldn’t get the energy to write anything. So much of October was a blur. […]

Protect your energy reserves.

The Pyronian craft hovered over the radiation department of City Hospital. The massive energy reserves in the Hospital’s nuclear-imaging banks drew Pyronian vessels like Craton sledders to a bucket of […]

Cut or tear here

EG had this great picture from the morning of surgery. If they hadn’t done it I was going to 🙂 Surgical Site Markers. #1 in a very limited series.

Hurry Up & Stop

Early last Friday, long before the rising sun, you would have found us waiting in line for canned hams. We had a tip-off that a new shipment had arrived from […]

And We’re Off

This past Monday I had my first dose of Cetuximab. This is the chemo I am getting as part of the trial I am on. Eight weeks of Cetuximab costs […]

Sick & Thriving

It’s been a month to the day since I had surgery. The first two weeks were pretty awful. It was hard to sleep, eat and drink. But the last two […]

What Just Happened?

Funny, after visiting and discovering that my pain arc was the same as most tonsillectomy patients, I started to feel much, much better. Overnight I changed from dreading every swallow and […]

Not alone.

I am so grateful for all my friends and all their offers of support. And Eva just keeps on being the most amazing caregiver. Nothing is too much trouble for […]


I was going to try and remember everything that happened since surgery and have an entry for each day but it sounds like too much hard work and would make […]

I Robot – You Patient.

I am surrounded by five or six people who roll my bed towards the OR. Ceilings have never looked so fascinating. We roll into the operating room. It feels like […]


I’ll try and remember the chain of events on the day of the operation but, quite frankly, for six hours I was out of it! Oh har har. Eva and […]


Today I went for my pre-op screening. First person you get to meet is the woman who says “So you have a balance of $X,XXX how would you like to […]

This is not a test

Just got off the phone with the hospital. Surgery is planned for Friday but first I have to have pre-op testing. Hmm. This is really happening. Shit. Pre-op testing checks […]

I don’t like Monday

It’s been raining for two days. It hardly ever rains here in the summer. It’s depressing me. Today we met with Dr. Myers. As we were waiting I received an […]

PET Sounds

I had a pet scan today. The technician took Izzy, Finn, Duffy, Gracie & George and placed them in a big cardboard box. Then he shaved little bar codes in […]

Marathon Meh

It’s been a quiet week cancer-wise, but eventful all the same. I had a dentist visit on Monday which was a ton of fun. It is suggested that you get […]

Independence Day

I remember when my father died. I would wake up in the morning, normally hungover, and I would be fine for a split second and then I would remember – […]

Warm and fuzzy

The Zale Lipshy building is where I got a CT scan this morning. Zales are a huge jewelry chain in Texas and other states. I think there was a Mr. […]


Yesterday afternoon, after seeing the ENT, I called Dr. Larry Myers office. They were expecting my call and I had an appointment this afternoon. Eva has been great. She’s getting […]

Ruh roh

In May 2013 I started my yearly bout of allergies. Turns out I am allergic to Pecan pollen. Our new house has four huge pecan trees and the pollen rains […]